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Meta 315Mhz Fob

Meta 315Mhz Fob

Product Information

Two button 315Mhz fob for Euro Defcom motorcycle alarms & all alarms supplied to Holland & Belgium which work on the 315 Mhz frequency & use a 16 digit code. This fob will not operate UK & Ireland supplied alarm systems. Do not confuse this fob with the Gemel self coding type, here.

Please note a working fob is required to code this new fob into the alarm control unit. For more information about all Meta remote fobs click here, if the code is not available please contact the office as the alarm ECU could be re-programmed with a new code and replacement fobs (later models only) - more info. If in any doubt please contact the office. 

The 16 digit code is made up of numbers & letters which can only be: A,B,C,D,E & F, any other letters are not allowed and the code will be incorrect (known as a hexadecimal number). The 1 to 7 numbers refer to the available positions allowed for the remotes to be programmed, which means the alarm can be programmed with up to 7 remotes. Be care full when reading the code, Meta use a very poor font which makes it difficult to distinguish between the letter B and the number 8 and the letter D and the number 0. If in doubt try scanning the card at a high resolution and enlarging the image using your regular paint program.

Click For Programming Instructions All new remotes are sent out in the round case

Please add the 16 digit code number to the comments box at checkout.

  Complete with programming instructions

If in doubt about the frequency of the alarm simply locate the brain which is usually found under the dash of the vehicle, see photo below 


Please add the 16 digit code to the comments box on the checkout page.


 Question Answer
 I do not have the 16 digit code number if I send you my old fob can you make a copy? Sorry this cannot be done, we can only re-code the complete alarm ECU, see here
The switch on my fob has broken off the circuit board, can you repair it?  Sorry we do not have the parts or the skills to micro solder on a replacement switch 
 The rubber button on my fob has perished do you supply replacement buttons. Rubber buttons are not available seperately however I do supply complete cases, see here for more info 



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