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Autowatch 211 Anti-HiJack Immobiliser

Autowatch 211  Anti-HiJack Immobiliser

Product Information

The Autowatch 211Hi Anti HiJack Immobiliser is Microprocessor controlled and offers effective protection against the ever-increasing problem of vehicle hijacking. The unit has been designed to immobilise the vehicle in a hijack situation while at the same time offering you, the legitimate driver, maximum protection by delaying the onset of the hijack routine and thus distancing yourself from the hijacker.


      The hijack routine is initiated every time the ignition is turned on, and every time door is opened.

After starting the vehicle or opening any door, once all doors are closed (engine on) press the hidden cancel button. Failure to deactivate the hijack will result in a series of audible warnings and, if the hidden button is still not pressed, the immobiliser will slow the vehicle down before stalling it. The indicators will flash and the hooter will sound to attract attention and convince the hijacker to abandon the vehicle. The hooter will continue to sound for 90 seconds after the vehicle has been stalled. For safety purposes the indicators will flash until the hidden button is pressed.

If the ignition is turned off after the audible warnings, and prior to the immobiliser cutting the engine, the hooter will sound; pressing the hijack cancel button will silence the system. Even if the warning alerts a hijacker to the existence of the anti hijack immobiliser there is no way to silence the hooter while he searches for the deactivating button.

The time between initiating hijack and slowing the vehicle down can be programmed for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. Consult your Autowatch fitment centre if you wish to alter the time selected.

It is also possible to configure the immobiliser to delay the timer while the engine is idling. When the vehicle is started, or the door opened, the timer will only start after the engine revs above a pre-set limit. Consult your fitment centre for information on this option.

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