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Meta 8 Digit Coded Fob

Meta 8 Digit Coded Fob

Product Information

Meta 8 digit fixed code remote. An 8 digit code (starting or ending with the letters TC1B) is required which can be found on the red code card supplied with the alarm or could be hand written on the receipt or fitting certificate, the code is never found on/inside the alarm or within the remote fobs. This fob will operate with the C11 garage security system

Without the 8 digit code it will not be possible to program a new remote into the system.

The eight digit code usually starts or ends with the letters such as TC1A, TC1B, TC1M of TC1V. The 8 digit number can start with any number from 0 to 6 & the code always ends in either a '1' or '0' The code can look something like this: TC1B-12345670

Fixed Code
Meta Code Card with alarm code

All new remotes are sent out in the round case which will work immediately

Remember this remote control will operate your alarm without any extra programing.

 For more information about Meta Remote Fobs click here

  Please Note this fob is designed to work with UK supplied Meta Alarm systems and as such may not work with equivalent devices supplied to other parts of the World, as such we offer no guarantee that they will work with these products. This remote fob may not work with Meta devices supplied to either Belguim or Holland as these countries normally use a different frequency for controlling the alarm system. We offer no refund should the remote fobs not function correctly with non UK/Ireland supplied alarm systems you buy at your own risk.

Please add the 8 digit code to the comments box on the checkout page. The number always ends in either a '1' or a '0


 Question Answer
 I do not have the 8 digit code number if I send you my old fob can you make a copy? Sorry this cannot be done, we can only re-code a new fob if you have the 8 digit codenumber
The switch on my fob has broken off the circuit board, can you repair it?  Sorry we do not have the parts or the skills to micro solder on a replacement switch 
 The rubber button on my fob has perished do you supply replacement buttons. Rubber buttons are not available seperately however we do supply complete cases which includes the button, see here for more info 


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