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1974 Suzuki GT185K

GT 185K 1974
Overall Length: 1 950 mm (76.8 in)
Overall Width: 770 mm (33.3 in)
Overall Height: 1 065 mm (41.9 in)
Wheelbase: 1 290 mm (50.8 in)
Dry Weight: 129 kg (283 lbs)
Engine type: Air-cooled (RAM-air) 184 cc parallel twin 2-stroke. 21,0 hp/ 7.500 rpm, 2,1 kg-m/ 6.500 rpm.




This bike was featured in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics (August 2007 edition)

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This is the first of the Suzuki GT185 range of bikes first registered in 1973 and known as the K model which had the twin leading drum brake on the front wheel, all the other models had a front disc brake. This bike is in pristeene condition having recently been restored by the Suzuki Owners Club, the bike was raffelled at the 2005 Classic Bike Show last year but the winner decided to accept the cash alternative instead and the bike was sold to me.

It has been restored to a very high level with the only non standard parts (relating to the model year) are the two exhaust pipes which were fitted to the M model, these were chosen as they are asteticaly more pleasing due to not having a seam on the upper and lower edges, these were only made for the M models as the later bikes used the seamed exhausts again, my gues is that the were considerbly cheaper to make.

The 185 was a bit of an anomyly in the 70s competing against the Honda CB200 (dull) and the Yamaha RD200 (exciting), why it was not a 200cc only Suzuki will ever know as it was overshadowed by the quicker Yamaha but was far more interesting than the staid old Honda which was basically an overbored CB175. If you wanted speed as most teenagers did the Yamaha was the first choice but the Suzuki did sell well and was on the price list from 1973 till around 1980. The bike features Suzukis autolube system, electric as well as kick starter systems and the famous ram air cooling.


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