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Alfa GTV Replacement EVO Alarm With Boot Release


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Product Information

Plug & Play replacement kit for factory fitted M99t & M99T2 systems fitted to Alfa GTV's with the added function of remote boot release (simple single wire connection to the boot release switch). This kit will replace the M99Tfa or M99T2 (choose above) which were orginally fitted by the Alfa (UK supplied cars only) . Each kit is supplied with the latest HPA EVO alarm control box with one HPA type two button remote fob & one M2503 fob (Upgradeable to two M2503 fobs- required for the boot release option), complete with a standard siren (Upgradable to battery backed up - choose above).

Simple plug & play installation, simply locate & replace the old siren found under bonnet, remove the offside plastic headlight cover to access & replace the old siren, replace the alarm box found behind the stereo & simply connect a single wire to the boot release switch.

The HPA fob can only arm & disarm the alarm system, the M2503 also has boot release function, the HPA fob can be upraded to the 3 button fob, choose above.


 One HPA Type 2 button & one M2503 fob with boot release button
•Flashing indicators
•Diagnostic flashing LED
•Universal central door locking *
•Boot, bonnet and door protection
•116db Siren
•Emergency override code - can be customised
•Programmable functions
•Safety lock - automatic door locking whilst vehicle is on the move (optional - extra wiring required)
•Passive alarm arming (programmable)
•Protection for doors boot and bonnet
•Digitally controlled Ultrasonic sensors
•Signals If car battery is almost flat
•Boot release


Alfa GTV siren & alarm locations, the siren is behind the drivers side head lamp, the alarm ECU is behind the carpet panel which holds the airbag switch (remove hidden screw in the centre of this panel to access the alarm box)

Product Code: GTV EVO +Boot Rel


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