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Autowatch 225000 Self coding Fob


Manufacturer: Autowatch

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Product Information

Self coding remote control fob for the 88, 160, 161, 172, 186, 188, 345 & 346 range of Autowatch alarms & Piranha THM800/THM600 & Maystar SC1 range of alarms.

One Button Peanut Shaped Self Coding Remote Fob (Replaces the earlier coffin shaped fob with the green LED only, the replacement for the coffin shaped fob with the red LED can be found HERE) Please note you need a 3 or 5 digit override code to program a new remote into your existing system (supplied with programming instructions). If the override code 6 digits please contact the office.

Later peanut shaped fobs have a code embosed on the back of the case, 225-000 coded fobs are selfcoding which can be purchased on this page, fobs marked with 376-300 are fixed code items - for more information about these or to purchase click here. This fob is also a replacement item for 446-300, 225-212, 202-300 & 202-000  marked fobs. This fob is not Compatible with 274-312 & will not work with the 330Rl alarm system - please order the fixed coded fob here

Click here for more info about Autowatch remotes.

This remote will also work with the Piranha THM800/THM600 & Maystar SC1 alarm/immobiliser systems.

Locating the override code:

You will need a 5 digit code to program the remote into the alarm (3 digit code on earlier alarms such as 88 or 188 etc), if you do not have the code, locate the alarm brain (usually hidden somewhere under the dash) & remove the outer protecting case (if fitted) by unscrewing the four screws in each corner (which some times can be hidden by plastic inserts), once the cover is removed locate the sticker which is usually found on the plastic surround of the smaller of the two large wiring plugs. You will find the five digit code, the model number and a date code printed on the sticker.  If the code is 3 or 6 digits please contact the office.


Override Code



To check if you have the correct code for programming follow these instructions:


  1. wait for the alarm to immobilise itself – IE the LED flashes slowly
  2. Turn the ignition on the LED will be constantly on,
  3. Turn the ignition off, the LED will now flash, count the flashes for the first number in the override code. For example if the first number is 3, count three flashes of the LED. When the LED has flashed the amount of times that corresponds to the first number of the code turn the ignition switch on.
  4. Turn off the ignition and count the flashes for the next number of the code and so on until all the numbers in the override code have been entered.
  5. If the code has been recognised the LED will flash very quickly for a few seconds, you are now in programming mode and the alarm is also disarmed.
  6. If the LED has not flashed quickly - start again from the beginning.
    If the number is ‘0’ count 10 flashes of the LED.


 Peanut remote replaces the original oblong remotes.

Supplied with programming instructions & a guide of how to locate the alarm unit to retrieve the code


PLEASE NOTE: This remote will not work with the following alarms: 76rl, 77rl, 79rl, 176, 330 alarms. Please check before ordering.

Product Code: 225000


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