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Autowatch Fixed Code Fob


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Autowatch Fixed coded remote for 76Rl, 77Rl, 79Rl, 176 & 330 Range of alarms. This replacement item is the the earlier coffin shaped unit (photo above). This item is no longer manufactured. very limited stock, when they are gone they are gone

Fixed code single button Autowatch remote control (early fixed coded fobs are fitted with a red LED - not the green LED signifies a (self coding fob), the fixed coded fobs will only work with the following alarms: 76Rl, 77Rl, 79Rl, 176 & 330. The code number is found on a green or yellow or orange label stuck on the crystal which in turn is mounted on the circuit board (looks like a flat circular watch battery) inside the remote, the code number can be 4 or 5 digits long.

If the remote fob is not available, locate the alarm brain (usually hidden somewhere under the dash - follow the LED or sensor wires to locate unit) there should be sticker with a number (4 or 5 digits) if the sticker is not there open the unit by sliding out the circuit board where another sticker should be found.

The code number can be found on the yellow sticker top right hand corner as shown above.

Fixed coded fobs using the old style coffin shaped case have a red LED light, the selfcoding coffin shaped fob have green LED's. The new style peanut shaped fixed coded fobs are marked with the code number 376-300 on the back of the case. If you have this type of fob but the code number is 225-000 it is the self coded type fob which can be purchased here.


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Product Code: 376300


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