Maserati 4200 GT Alarm Reprogram


Manufacturer: Meta

Product Information

Reprogram service for the Meta M826 alarm & M822 central locking system fitted as standard to the Maserati 4200GT. If the fobs have failed or are lost we can reprogram the alarm ECU complete with two original type circuit boards (and/or supply seperate Meta fobs) & a new code card.

If the existing remote fobs no longer operate the alarm we can re-code them back to work with the alarm again. Remove the circuit board(s) from the ignition keys & send them complete with the alarm control unit for re-coding, the vehicle will still operate as normal using the ignition key. If the fobs have become faulty we can supply replacement Meta fobs, sorry but the M826/M822 circuit boards are no longer available, however Maserati amy still stock them.

The M826 is no longer available


The basic price is for a re-coding of the orignal M826 with two customer supplied circuit boards, see the options boxes for other choices, sorry but the M826 circuit board is no longer available. Do not send the ignition keys. Use a screwdriver or flat blade simply prise open the fobs to access the circuit boards.

Once the alarm is removed send to:

Abacus Car Alarms
 206 Leigham Court, Road
 SW16 2RB


We offer a 48 hour (working days, UK only) reprogram service if you choose the next day delivery option on the checkout page.

A minimum of two fobs must be coded to the alarm, if you are not sending any circuit boards for re-coding you must choose at least two circuit boards from the list above. If only sending one board you must choose at least one board from the options box above, if sending two boards you can add extra fobs - choose below. Up to a maximum of 6 can be coded to the alarm ECU. For more information - click here


Please remove the heavy mounting bracket before sending, if sending fobs do not send the complete keys, only the internal circuit boards.

When sending from outside the EU do not mark the package value as more than $15 as UK customs will charge import duty which is non refundable & will be added to the final bill. Please mark the package as 'Item for repair'

Product Code: M826/M822 Recode





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