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Gemel 2 button Remote


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Gemel Serpi Star two button self coding remote fob. This fob will code into the following alarms:  ND5, ND6, ND14 & ND14BM, GR470, GR480, ND14C, GR99, GR48, GP48, E733, E525, E526 & Meta M999T. This will not code into the GR420 or lower model numbered alarms unless listed here. 

ND5, ND6, ND14 & ND14BM - ON/Off keys required to code in replacement fobs (keys fit into front of alarm unit found under the bonnet)

ND14C requires a working touchkey to program new fobs

On/Off key required to code in new fobs

GR470, GR480 & ND14C - Working touchkey required to code in replacement fobs

GR99, GR48, GP48, E733, E525, E526 & Meta M999T - 5 digit override code required to code in replacement fobs

  GR99 siren unit showing override code
On some GR99 alarm systems the code can be found on the siren unit mounted under the bonnet. The code may also be found inside just above the connector socket (code number in this case is 19713). Other models may also have similar stickers with the code (please check before ordering).

If you do not have the requirements listed above for coding, it will not be possible to program new remotes with the exception of the ND5, ND6 & ND14 (not ND14C) where there is a workaround (contact the office)

If your alarm is not listed above please contact the office.

Very Limited stock as these fobs are no longer being manufactured


 Question Answer
 Where can I find the code with 5 digit code remote?
The siren is a GS3

The GS3 is just a siren & can be  paired with the GR48 alarm system, the override code is usually supplied on a sticker found on the handbook, if the number is not available there is no way to recover it.

 I just need the rubber buttons which have worn away A replacement case which comes with new rubber buttons can be found here



Product Code: TXSHS (ABS0299)


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