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Apollo 780 Transponder Key


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Apollo 780 replacement transponder Key manufactured by Meta systems. This transponder also works with the Autowatch 171PPI, Toad Powerkey, Sterling Excel, Sigma M800 & Microscan Mi600 range of immobilisers. The Apollo transponder keys are no longer available, this Meta transponder key contains the same transponder chip as used for all the immobiliser systems listed above.

For the Apollo 780 a red master key is required for coding new keys, before ordering a replacement transponder key please check that you are able to enter programming mode by following these instructions.

Also functions with the Microscan Mi600 (Re-badged Apollo 780), Toad Powerkey, Sterling Excell & Sigma M800 (more info below) & functions with the Autowatch 171PPI


Lost the RED master transponder key (For the Apollo 780) - click here


For the Apollo 780 only:

Before ordering please check the following functions of your immobiliser as many were not fitted correctly, as such they will never enter programming mode & are unable to learn new transponder keys.

With all the doors closed, turn off the ignition of the vehicle and wait for the LED to flash slowly. Open the drivers door and introduce the red key to the area that the key is usually recognised by the immobiliser brain, do not turn on the ignition.

If the LED has gone out the Apollo is capable of programming a new key, if not please contact the office. If the red master key is missing click here. Supplied with comprehensive programming instructions

Other Companies:

For the Toad Powerkey, Sterling Excell & Sigma M800 a working transponder key is required (up to 5 keys for each system can be coded), A 5 digit code is required to code to the Autowatch 171PPI (code can be found on the control box usually mounted somewhere under the dash)



For the programming instructions please enter the make & model of the immobilsier in the comments section of the checkout page

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