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Meta FrontPlate 4


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Product Information

Specifically designed for front numberplate mounting the FrontPlate4 system incorporates new 4 sensor technology for extended obstacle detection.

Activates automatically when the driver switches the ignition on or selects reverse gear. When reverse gear is de-selected the system will continue to operate for a further 20 seconds. Can also be activated by the supplied arm/disarm button at any time.

Mounted directly onto the front bumper, this ingenious device detects obstacles to the front of the vehicle making parking/manoeuvring safer and easier. Especially useful for vehicles with long sloping bonnets. Once the vehicle reverse gear is selected the FrontPlate4 is activated and will operate for approximately 20 seconds when another gear is used, everytime reverse is selected the timer restarts. As the vehicle moves towards an obstacle, an audible warning beep increases intensity to alert the driver until a constant tone gives the indication to stop before contact.

Can also be used for rear mounting but check the width of the space available, not suitable if the mounting depth is greater than 2.5cm. External dimensions of frame & sensors is (59.5cmWX12.5cmH)

This must be the easiest to fit parking aid on the market. No large holes to drill, just simply remove the number plate, mount the number plate bracket and clip the number plate back into the bracket.

Supplied with European oblong type number plate frame and Italian plate frame (internal frame size 36cmX11cm),  Japanese Grey import vehicles with the smaller plates will not fit this frame. The number plate must be centrally mounted to the vehicle and not to one side. Not suitable for use with a tow bar (for rear fitting) or other obstructions in front of the number plate, see the Meta SR2 TGI which has the capability of programming out such obstructions.

Easy three wire installation, + optional output for radio mute. adjustable sensitivity adjustable speaker volume & offset adjustability (how close an object is) Range from 0.3 to 1.5.

No painting/respraying Very discreet front or rear mounting   


  • Easy three wire installation, click here for fitting instructions
  • Adjustable sensitivity including offset (how close an object is before the units continuously bleeps)
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Pickup range from 0.3 to 1.5 Metres
  • No large holes to drill (a small hole may be required to allow cable entry into vehicle)
  • No painting/respraying
  • Very discreet
  • Rear mounting possible but check for width of number plate space and the depth of space, external dimensions 59.5cmWX12.5cmH.
  • Made for all standard EEC approved number plates (11cm X 52cm) & Italian plates (36cmX11cm)
  • 4 Sensor system
  • Radio Mute Option

Optional plug in display unit - add below, more info
Optional LED Display unit

Product Code: ABP0007


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