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Meta Bike Alarm Tool Kit


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Not sure which Meta bike alarm is fitted to your bike we can supply an 'M' series alarm detector unit. This product will easily allow anyone to work out which Meta alarm is fitted to the bike. This kit will only detect 'M' seires alarms such as the M355, M351a, M357, M357T, M357TV2, M357TV2:1, all these alarms look identicle to the unit below, if the alarm fitted is not the same as below this kit is of no use.

If the plug fitted to the alarm looks like the photo below the alarm fitted is the M357TV2 and a bypass plug can be found here or a replacement alarm here.  This kit is not nessesary for the M357TV2 as it is the only Meta 'M' unit to have two connector plugs fitted

This kit comes complete with one M351a bypass plug & one M357 (M357T & M355) bypass plug, simply plug the detector unit into the bike's alarm socket and follow the instructions to detect which alarm is fitted. Once you have worked out which alarm model is fitted simply insert the correct bypass plug into the alarm connector, this will allow the bike to run and start as it should.

Send back the unused bypass plug & alarm detector for a full refund less £45 plus initial delivery cost.

Before ordering this unit & to save time call the office on 0208 677 1999 as we can usually work out which alarm is fitted by asking a few questions about the alarm fittted to the bike

Product Code: Bike Alarm Detector


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