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Meta M2502


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Product Information

16 digit coded Meta M2502 3 button remote fob. This fob will control all 16 digit coded fobs but only the arm & disarm buttons will functon unless used with a dedicated Meta system. Coming soon - This fob can add remote boot release to any Meta alarm supplied with the single button remote fobs while still operating the original alarm system, contact the office for more information.

Please note a working fob is required to code this new fob into the car alarm control unit. For the M357, Defcom & Legos range of motorcycle alarms the override code (company code) is required. For more information about all Meta remote fobs click here, if the code is not available please contact the office as the alarm ECU could be re-programmed with a new code and replacement fobs (later models only) - more info. If in any doubt please contact the office. 

Meta Code Card showing alarm code & positions

For eight digit coded fobs (numbers ending with TC1B) click here

The 16 digit code is made up of numbers & letters which can only be: A,B,C,D,E & F, any other letters are not allowed and the code will be incorrect (known as a hexadecimal number). The 1 to 7 numbers refer to the available positions allowed for the remotes to be programmed, which means the alarm can be programmed with up to 7 remotes. Be care full when reading the code, Meta use a very poor font which makes it difficult to distinguish between the letter B and the number 8 and the letter D and the number 0. If in doubt try scanning the card at a high resolution and enlarging the image using your regular paint program.

Click Here For Programming Instructions

Please add the 16 digit code number to the comments box at checkout.

 Complete with programming instructions  

 Please Note this fob is designed to work with UK/Ireland supplied  Meta Alarm systems which use the 433Mhz frequency for communication between fobs and alarm systems, as such may not work with equivalent devices supplied to other parts of the World, we offer no guarantee that they will work with these products. This remote fob will not work with Meta devices supplied to either Belgium or Holland unless the alarm frequency is 433Mhz. We offer no refund should the remote fobs not function correctly with non UK/Ireland supplied alarm systems you buy at your own risk. If you are unsure about the frequency of your alarm system locate the alarm control unit (usually hidden somewhere under the dash) where on most boxes will be a sticker with the frequency printed (see photo below)





 Question Answer
 I do not have the 16 digit code number if I send you my old fob can you make a copy? Sorry this cannot be done, we can only re-code the complete alarm ECU, see here
The switch on my fob has broken off the circuit board, can you repair it?  Sorry we do not have the parts or the skills to micro solder on a replacement switch 



Please add the 16 digit code number to the comments box at checkout.

Product Code: Meta M2502


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