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Meta M36T & M36T2 Socket


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Replacement socket for M33/M36T range of immobilsers. If the RK36S touch-key no longer functions check the connection pins inside the socket. Using a torch or other light source look inside the socket hole, visible should be three connection pins, two pins on one side one at each end, and a single pin in the centre position on the opposite side. If any of these pins are missing the socket will require replacement. This kit simply plugs into the control box's loom. See photo below.

M36 socket showing pins
Face of M36 socket showing connection pins



 Question Answer
 my touch key has stopped working the immobiliser any idea why  I'd guess one of the pins inside the socket has broken, using a torch look through the oblong hole, on one side there should be two pins mounted either end, on the opposite side there should be a single pin mounted centrally,  if any of these pins are missing  - replace the socket. If the socket is ok then either the immobiliser or touchkey has failed, if available try another key if still no joy either remove or replace the immobiliser.


Product Code: ABP0252


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