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Meta M99T2 Reconditioned


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Memory clear reconditioned Meta M99T2 replacement alarm system. Each M99T2 comes with a clear memory & has had the indicator relay replaced as standard. Replaces faulty unit, simple plug & play. This unit has an empty memory and can be coded (only once) to an existing or new M36 immobiliser system (M36 touchkey required - the M36 must also have one memory space free, call the office for more info) Complete with two fobs & codecard

£25 refund if you send back your old M99 (as long as it is in serviceable condition - IE not burnt out or water damaged)

Please be sure to order the same alarm as you have fitted as the M99T & M99T2 alarms are not interchangeable.

If your vehicle also has the Meta M36T immobiliser fitted please contact the office before ordering. 

Locating the Alarm ECU on factory fitted systems:

Alfa Romeo GTV:  On the drivers side locate and remove a small screw in the carpet cover of the centre console, remove the cover, and you should see the M99 alarm brain located somewhere under the stereo unit, pull out the alarm (sometimes it may be easier to do this from the passenger side - same method of removing the carpet cover) remove the plugs and send it to me at the address below. Without the alarm the car will still start and run as normal. Once reprogrammed simply plug the alarm in which will start working immediately. More Info

Fiat Coupe:  The alarm is located behind the fuse box located in the drivers footwell. Pull the fusebox down as far as it will go (it is mounted on stiff hinges - for more info see owners manual), using a torch locate the alarm which is simply pushed up where all the fusebox wires disappear, gently pull it down and unplug the unit and send it to me at the address below. More Info

VX220 & Lotus Ellise: The alarm is located on the passenger (near side) under the top dash cover, More info.

£25 refund if you send back the old alarm ECU (must be in serviceable condition) 

Complete with a one year warranty on all exchange Meta M99 alarm ECU's

Product Code: M99T2 Reconditioned


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