M05 Siren


Manufacturer: Meta

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Product Information

Battery backed up digital siren for the HPA range of alarms. If upgrading from M02 or M03 sirens the alarm will require re-programming & the connection lead will need updating, if upgrading from the M04 the connection lead will need to be changed. Complete with mounting bracket. This siren is also compatible with the SC1T2

This siren is also a direct plug in replacement for the Meta M99T2 alarm system & replaces the siren fitted to many TVR's, Lotus Elisse, Fiat Coupe, Alfa GTV & Vauxhall VX220 vehicles (Replaces the SC1T2 siren). Also replaces the siren in the Ferrari F430 & Maserati 4200GT

Also replaces Ferrari vehicles with product code number 243877 & will replace the Maserati 4200GT siren which uses the Meta M826 alarm module.


The M05 is not compatible with the M77 series of alarms. Also not compatible with the identical looking Fiat supplied siren part no. 4675042 also marked TRW Sipea 3476 & not compatible with the W.F.S. siren supplied with Fiat CAN alarms. It is not  compatible with the Peugeot siren part no. 1611751680 or 1349352080


The M05 uses the Meta connection plug below, can be added to order if damaged (see above) 

Product Code: M05 Siren





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